Where to get help

Need help now?

REGINA 24-hour Crisis Lines

Regina Transition House 24-hour Crisis Line (306) 569-2292

Regina Mobile Crisis Services (24/7)
(306) 757-0127
1646 11 th Ave Regina Sk

Sexual Assault Line (24/7)
(306) 352-0434 /
(306) 536-1190


Suicide Help Line, Regina (24/7)
(306) 525-5333

Aboriginal Family Services
(306) 525-4161 http://www.afscregina.ca/

Indigenous Peoples Hope for Wellness Help Line
1+(855) 242-3310

Family Service Regina
(306) 757-6675 https://familyserviceregina.com/counselling


Moose Jaw: Women’s Transition House
(306) 693-6511

Prince Albert: Mobile Crisis Unit
(306) 764-1011

Saskatoon: Mobile Crisis
(306) 933-6200

Crisis Services Canada
+1(833) 456-4566

Need Help Soon?

PFLAG Regina can help you decide what steps to take next

Call Francine (306-533-3965) or Ken (306-370-1907) Both speak French and English.

UR Pride - https://www.urpride.ca/services/ Phone/Text: 306-519-4733

MySpace for LGBTQ Youth https://www.urpride.ca/

TransSask http://www.transsask.ca/

Regina Family Medicine Clinic (306-766-0444) has two physicians who specialize in

transgender health care; ask for transgender services as this part of the Family Medicine Clinic

accepts new patients (other areas of Clinic do not).

Housing Support

Regina Transition House - http://www.reginatransitionhouse.ca/house-services/

Isabel Johnson Center - 306-525-2141

MAP (My Aunt’s Place) 306-545-7786


- For a list of family practice physicians accepting new patients or for a map and list of the Walk-In Clinics in Regina: (877) 800-0002


- For a list of other health-related resources Regina Public Libraries General Info Phone number: (306) 777-6000